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Super Value Food Freezer Bags & Refuse Sacks

Essential Housewares Super Value Range can meet all the customers needs for excellent price and cost effectiveness

Your consumers will love Essentials SuperValue range of EasyLock and EasySeal Food & Freezer Bags which are reusable, come in economy packs and product sizes with simple closing mechanisms.
Essentials Super Value Refuse Bags are available in 2 sizes and packs of 20, suitable for your consumers use in the home offices, schools, hospitals, shops, factories, cleaning companies, food outlets.

Essential Super Value EasyLock & EasySeal Food & Freezer Bags

Description: Super Value EasyLock
Product Size: 27cm x 28cm / 10.6" x 11"
Pack Size(s): 12
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VSBAG12
Description: Super Value EasyLock
Product Size: 20.3cm x 18cm / 8" x 7"
Pack Size(s): 20
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VSBAG20
Description: Super Value EasySeal
Product Size: 27cm x 28cm / 10.6" x 11"
Pack Size(s): 25
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VZBAG25
Description: Super Value EasySeal
Product Size: 18cm x 20cm / 7" x 8"
Pack Size(s): 50
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VZBAG50

Essential UK Super Value Refuse Sacks

Product Size: 45.7cm x 73.7cm x 86.4cm / 18" x 29" x 34"
Pack Size(s): 20
Colour/ Product Code(s): Black-3328
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