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Super Value Disposable Tableware & Drinkware

Essential Housewares Super Value Disposable Table and Drinkware can meet all consumers needs 

Essentials Super Value versatile range offers everything your customer may need from biodegradable plates to plastic drink and tableware, to disposable cutlery and plates, in great value packs and prices. Essential have a great selection perfect so you can meet customers needs for any party at everyday prices! The low cost-per item makes these products very economical where consumers simply require basic disposable products. Excellent for retail and wholesale your consumers can have complete confidence in the product.

Essential Super Value Biodegradable Plates

Product Size: 23cm / 9"
Pack Size(s): 30, 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-(30)-V23PL30/36/ White-(100)-V23PL100
Product Size: 18cm / 7"
Pack Size(s): 35, 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-(35)-V18PL35/32/ White-(100)-V18PL100

Essential Super Value Drinkware, Straws & Ice Cream Tubs

Description: Super Value Ice Cream Tubs
Product Size: 20cl / 7oz
Pack Size(s): 10
Colour/ Product Code(s): Red-VTUB10
Description: Super Value Hot Cups With Lids
Product Size: 22cl / 8oz
Pack Size(s): 8
Colour/ Product Code(s): Black-VHCL08
Description: Super Value Hot Cups With Lids
Product Size: 34cl / 12oz
Pack Size(s): 6
Colour/ Product Code(s): Black-VHCL12
Description: Super Value Flexible Straws
Pack Size(s): 40
Colour/ Product Code(s): Striped-VFLXST40
Description: Super Value Flexible Straws
Pack Size(s): 225
Colour/ Product Code(s): Neon-VFLXST225N
Description: Super Value Cups
Product Size: 18cl / 6.3oz
Pack Size(s): 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VC180CLR/ White-VC180WHT
Description: Super Value Tumblers
Product Size: 22cl / 7.7oz
Pack Size(s): 25
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VPLJUGL
Description: Super Value Half Pint Glasses
Product Size: 28cl / 9.8oz
Pack Size(s): 15
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VPL05PTG
Description: Super Value Pint Glasses
Product Size: 56cl / 19.6oz
Pack Size(s): 12
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-VPL1PTG

Essential Super Value Disposable Plastic Cutlery

Description: Super Value Teaspoons
Pack Size(s): 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-VPLTS100
Description: Super Value Assorted Cutlery
Pack Size(s): 75
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-VPLAS75
Description: Super Value Spoons
Pack Size(s): 80, 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-(80)-VPLS80/ White-(100)-VPLS100/10 
Description: Super Value Forks
Pack Size(s): 80, 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-(80)-VPLF80/ White-(100)-VPLF100
Description: Super Value Knives
Pack Size(s): 80, 100
Colour/ Product Code(s): White-(80)-VPLK80/ White-(100)-VPLK100


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