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Essential Catering Foils & Cling Film

Essential Housewares Catering Foils and Cling Film are durable, good quality and great value for the Catering trade 

Essentials Boxed Foils are ideal for Wholesale and Retail use, extra long with improved strength, with a cutting edge and available in five sizes.
Durable and good quality, your customers will appreciate that Essentials Boxed Foils do not rip too easily, are great for roasting meat, poultry and fish, separating freezer items, covering steam puddings, wrapping baked potatoes, covering microwave food during standing and lining grill pans.
Cling films have become an indispensable accessory for your customers in the kitchens for storage and packing food, minimizing loss of food color, nutrition and protection from bacteria, insects and dust. Essential have Retail sized polyethylene (PE) Cling Film as an alternative to PVC based film which is ideal for your customers to store foods with a high fat content such as fish or cheese or for use in microwave ovens in 300mm x 60m.  Plus Essential have Multipurpose and Perforated Cling Film options. 

Essential Catering Foil

Description: Essential Catering Foil
Product Size: 300mm x 33m
Pack Size: 1
Colour/ Product Code(s): Silver-FOILN33
Description: Essential Catering Foil
Product Size: 450mm x 22m
Pack Size: 1
Colour/ Product Code(s): Silver-FOILN22

Essential Catering Cling Film

Description: Essential Catering Cling Film
Product Size: 300mm x 150m
Pack Size: 1
Colour/ Product Code(s): Clear-PECLN500/9
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