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Baking Accessories

Essential Housewares Baking Accessories are great value that can meet all your consumer needs

In need of baking accessories to meet the needs of your consumers for their business or event? Add a touch of elegance to party food with the Essential baking accessories ranging from Cake Cases, Dollies, Jam Pot covers, Siliconised Cake/Loaf Tin Liners (greaseproof), wooden cocktail Sticks, Bamboo Skewers and Chicken/Snack Baskets. Each item is available in a range of product and pack sizes.
Our Bamboo Skewers and Cocktail Sticks are an eco friendly choice for serving and grilling. Our Bamboo Skewers are also tougher than wood and your consumers can use them to pierce everything from veggies to cubes of meat to fresh fruit. They're 100% biodegradable too, so they can be thrown away when done without the guilt.

Cake Cases

Description: Cake Case
Pack Size(s): 75
Colour/Product Code(s): Floral-CAKE75/ Pastel-CAKE75P/ White-CAKE75W
Description: Petit Four Cases
Pack Size(s): 100
Colour/Product Code(s): Floral-PETIT100
Description: Muffin Cases
Pack Size(s): 75
Colour/Product Code(s): White-MUFF75/24


Product Size(s): Assorted
Pack Size(s): 20
Colour/Product Code(s):White-DOY144

Jam Pot Covers

Product Size: 1lb
Pack Size: 25
Colour/Product Code(s): Transparent-JPOT1
Product Size: 2lb
Pack Size: 20
Colour/Product Code(s): Transparent-JPOT2

Siliconised Cake/Loaf Tin Liners Greaseproof

Description: Cake Tin Liners
Product Size(S): 18cm / 7", 20cm / 8"
Colour/Product Code(s): 18cm-FP7CAKE/ 20cm-FP8CAKE
Description: Loaf Tin Liners
Product Size(s): 1lb, 2lb
Pack Size/Product Code(s):1lb -FP1LOAF/ 2lb-FP2LOAF

Wooden Cocktail Sticks

Product Size(S): Tub
Pack Size/Product Code(s):100- COCKTAIL

Bamboo Skewers

Product Size(S): 20cm / 8", 25cm / 10"
Pack Size/Product Code(s): 100 --BSK8/ BSK10

Chicken/Snack Baskets

Pack Size(s): 4
Colour/Product Code(s): Ivory- F4BASK
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